My name is Seren and i am 3 years old. I was involved in a road traffic accident and as a result i now have only 3 legs. But as you can see from the video i get around really well. I can run and play with a ball and i love going on my daily walks, and i am a great favourite with the staff and volunteer dog walkers. I have been here for about 9 months now, and for some reason every one passes me by, which is very disappointing I am a very friendly girl, i love being around people and as i have said, going on my daily walks. I would love to find a new home and someone to care for me, as kennel life can be very stressful. If you think you could give me that new start in life please come and meet me, I could be your new best friend. I would need to be the only animal in the household.



  We are looking for a foster home for Piper. Piper is about 6 years old and has Cerebelar Hypoplasia. This means she cannot coordinate her walking, and walks with a wobble. The disease does not get better or worse with age, but the  dog can usually learn to somewhat compensate for it and should have a normal lifespan . Piper is partially blind and deaf. Sadly she was kept outside in her previous home, in unsanitary conditions. Piper is a very loving dog, she loves being with people, and just wants cuddles. She would suit a household where someone is home most of the day. She enjoys her walks, and would need two small walks a day. She would need to be the only animal in the household.  If you feel you could offer Piper a loving foster home please contact. dogs@rspca-llysninni.org.uk   laura@rspca-llysninni.org.uk  or clara@rspca-llysninni.org.uk,  Or if you come to the centre please ask at reception to meet piper.



Jess is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier of 8 years old and came in to us as she wasn't getting along with the existing dog in the household.

The previous owner said she was great with

children and very affectionate to all people and we have found this to be the case.

Jess would suit a home with an active owner who enjoys walking and will have plenty of time to give her affection and cuddles.

Training will also be required for her.

Jess will be suited to a single animal household and could live with children of secondary school age.

She will make a fabulous companion for a new owner.



Scooby is a Crossbreed of nearly 5 years old and came to us   as part of a cruelty investigation and has been with us for nearly 2 years. At last that investigation is now complete and he is now looking for his forever home .
  A quiet home with adults only  would be best and  as the single animal in the household.

 As he has a nervous disposition, until he knows you , he will need a patient owner who is willing to give him the time and space to come out of his shell and develop his personality at his own pace.
After such a long time  Scooby finds kennel life very stressful and often sits inside the kennel in his bed. However once he gets to know you and is outside of his kennel he is a different boy. As you can see from the video he loves to play and run around and enjoy himself. If you can't see Scooby in his kennel please ask at reception if you would like to meet this lovely dog.
 He is a loving boy and will make a wonderful companion  to the right home. Please come and meet him




Here is Fly having done the Mutt Strutt on Sunday to raise funds for the Animal Centre. He thoroughly enjoyed himself.

This is Fly!

He is a Collie of 7 years old and has unfortunately been in our care for a long time as part of an on-going

investigation case.

He is finally looking for a happy new forever home!

Fly will need an experienced Collie owner who will be able to provide him with plenty of exercise as well as training and mental stimulation.

He could possibly live with other dogs.

A mature or retired household would suit him best.

He will make a loving and loyal companion for a new owner.



Bella is a Collie crossbreed, she is just over a year old. Bella was brought into the animal centre as her owners did not have any time to look after her.

 Bella has been a bit nervous during her time with us but she loves playing games with her ball and has a very affectionate nature when she gets to know you!

 An ideal new home for Bella would be with an owner who has some experience of the collie breed and also some

understanding of nervous dogs.

 Bella would be best suited to a home with teenage children, she has lived with a cat in her previous home.


Rocky is a male Jack Russell Terrier crossbreed, he is just under a year old. Rocky is looking for a new home as his previous owner was not able to give him enough attention.

 Rocky is a smashing young dog, but has been quite

nervous in the kennel. His previous owner described him as being boisterous, friendly and full of energy -

Rocky is a typical Terrier!

 Rocky will need plenty of daily exercise to keep him calm and happy in the home.

An experienced dog owner who can provide Rocky with training will be ideal for him.

Training classes are recommended.

 Rocky could live with other animals and upper primary school aged children.


Meet Lexi!

She is a Terrier Crossbreed of 7 years old and came in to us with another dog called Scamp, though they are to be re-homed separately!

Lexi has a good nature though she can be timid

until she knows you well. Once she has bonded with you she is fantastic and is great company!

Lexi will need to go to an active home-preferably with someone with experience with dogs.

Training classes would be ideal to build on Lexis

confidence and socialisation around people and dogs.

A mature or retired household would suit her best-with someone who can be around with her for most of the day. Lexi will make a loving companion for a new owner! She really does having a loving and

affectionate personality and loves to play and interact with you!

Lexi is currently in a foster home-please ask at

reception for more details about her!


Pretty Mali is a 5 year old female Jack Russell Terrier crossbreed. Sadly her owner passed away so she is now looking for a new home.

 Mali is a lovely, fun girl but she also has quite a cheeky side to her personality!

Mali can be a little nervy in some situations and will need an owner with previous experience of owning a dog. With the right training and plenty of exercise Mali will make a great fun dog for a new owner!

 An active owner who enjoys getting out for long walks and playing games will suit Mali. Training classes will also be a great start for her.

Mali could live in a home with teenage children and another dog.


This pretty young lass is Suzie!

She came in to us as unfortunately her owner had gone in to hospital.

She is taking a little while to get used to the kennel environment and is quite timid. However, once she knows you she is much better, affectionate and friendly.

She enjoys being out on walks and her last owner said she adores playing with toys—squeaky ones are her favourite!

 Being a young Terrier she will need an active home where she will receive plenty of exercise as well as training—classes would be ideal to bring her out of her shell!

 She will be best in a single animal household and could live with children of secondary school age


Will is a 2 year old Lurcher. He was initially rescued by an RSPCA inspector and has recently been staying at another animal centre.

 Will is a fantastic dog, he is very good with people and has a lovely temperament. He walks well on his lead and really enjoys having a good run around and

playing retrieving games with his toys.

 Will was used for hunting in his previous home and would suit an experienced dog owner as he does show a lot of interest in small animals when out and about.

 Will is best suited to a home with no other animals. He could live with teenage children.

 Will will make a wonderful companion for a lucky new owner!


Ace is a 5 year old male Lurcher.

He was brought into the animal centre as his owner was moving away for work and unable

to take him with them.

 Ace is a fantastic boy who has a bundle of

energy - pay no attention to his grey muzzle!

Ace loves playing fetching games with his toys and having a good run around off his lead.

 Ace would suit an owner who enjoys being

outdoors and spending time walking and

keeping active.

 Ace could live with another dog although he seems to get on better with females.

He could live in a home with primary school aged children.